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January 15, 2024
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Paranormal detectives The Unexplainers — Goldie Lookin' Chain's John Rutledge and comedian Mike Bubbins — come back to BBC broadcast Wales with a Halloween unique these days, which they encounter a ghost witch (or gwitch) on Swansea Bay. They speak with MARK REES about their particular five spookiest places in South West Wales...

If there is anything odd in south-west Wales, whom ya gonna telephone call?

What about open-minded rap celebrity John Rutledge and sceptic stand-up comedian Mike Bubbins, just who go back to BBC broadcast Wales for an hour or so very long live Halloween special at 7pm these days?

Collectively known as The Unexplainers, the dynamic duo would be off to unexplain a few of the location's many unexplainable mysteries, looking for new and bizarre tales and revealing some startling brand-new results from a recent examination from actual cave of a Welsh ghost witch — or Gwitch — in Gower's Brandy Cove.

Here they count down their top five spookiest locations in the west Wales.

5. Old Nick, Quadrant Buying Centre, Swansea

Never cross a designer, that's the tutorial the people who own St Mary's Church in Swansea learnt once they snubbed neighborhood fashion designer Sir Arthur Blomfield. He was so upset he cursed the chapel by building a small wood model of the Devil overlooking it and chanting "When your church is damaged and burned to the ground, my devil will stay laughing". During Blitz, St Mary's was decimated because the spooky Devil, just yards away, however stood smiling. Today Old Nick nonetheless inhabits exactly the same website, peeking out from the top floors for the shopping center, sneering at Primark, Subway as well as other buildings Blomfield didn't get expected to prepare.

4. Pembrey Woods, Carmarthenshire.

Most woods are spooky, however, Pembrey forests is expected becoming 312percent more frightening than the average spooky wood. Man activity dates to at least 400 BC, but archaeologists cannot rather understand what variety of activity, likely games or twerking. Within the times of piracy a gang known as the minimal Hatchet Men who does entice vessels into the rugged coastline skirting the forests, slaughtering the survivors and stealing their possessions. If you drop to the forests tonight, you're certain to bump into a zombie sailor or a tiny ghost man with an axe.

3. Craig y Nos Castle, Swansea

Originally home of opera diva Adelina Patti then became a medical center before getting a resort the building is full of mystery and intrigue, on a visit a few years ago John found the old theatre truth be told there therefore mysterious and fascinating which he almost filled his jeans with mystery and intrigue, and in the future stayed solidly in bar avoiding both secret and intrigue.

2. Carn Llechart stone group, Swansea Valley

Wales is full of mysterious stone sectors, that'll or is almost certainly not UFO helipads or stone age WIFI hotspots — researchers just can't decide. In 2004, a pair of paranormal detectives for some reason triggered the Carn Llechart circles mystical security measures while researching the site. Among the detectives was thrown into the center for the group by an invisible power that felt like 'becoming punched into the stomach'. A while later, they practiced exactly what do simply be called a 'stone circle hangover', suffering from sickness and headaches even after leaving your website.

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Skanda Vale and south-west Wales, United Kingdom
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