Places in Wales

November 1, 2022

- Five groups in the running as nationwide Trust Wales competition returns with brand new format for 2015 -

Five leading Welsh famous people are going to be upgrading to a different sort of electoral hustings within the following months to try to secure triumph with their staff in Special Places Wales 2015.

The celebrities are vigorously campaigning for community to select successful from 1 associated with the five various voting categories they will champion in this year’s competitors, once more organised by nationwide Trust Wales.

The conservation charity is introducing its significant summertime campaign today (14 May) teaming with famous people, culture and history systems and communities across Wales to build a nationwide conversation to find Wales’ many unique location for 2015.

This past year, men and women voted within their thousands inside inaugural competition and Penarth Pier and Pavilion ended up being crowned the winner after a discussion which achieved from Senedd towards schoolyard.

The promotion has been established today during the Pier with a number of the campaign’s partnering systems in attendance (see below) and a nearby primary college sharing tales of their own Unique Places in Wales, what makes all of them therefore special and what memories they will have of them.

In a big change from last year, the 2015 competition will introduce five specific voting categories, affected by the diverse number of unique locations discovered across Wales. Each category is being championed by a hollywood ambassador, who can be rallying the general public to get behind their particular category.

Voting opens up today for the very first phase, that may see successful crowned in each group. Voting can be achieved online through Trust’s site, Wales Online, Facebook or by using the hashtag #specialplaces on Twitter and Instragram until Tuesday 14 July.

Voters may cast their particular choices by filling in types at National Trust internet sites and selected sites of partner organisations.

When the five group champions have now been established on 21 July, the five superstars will fight it once again to see if their particular category champion may take the entire top in an extra round of general public voting.

The categories tend to be:

  • Hollywood star Matthew Rhys is supporting Glorious Coast. From secluded fishing coves to great sweeps of fantastic sands, the Welsh coast through the nationwide Trust-protected Rhossili Bay to Porthdinllaen, is among the better worldwide.
  • television presenter Matt Johnson is supporting Parks and Gardens. Stunning rose landscapes, impressive landscape areas, locations like Dinefwr Park and Bodnant Gardens, provide places for the kids to play and areas to unwind.
  • Fashion designer Julien Macdonald is championing Wild Open Spaces. With a rugged coast and dramatic surroundings like Snowdon therefore the Elan Valley, Wales is a land of great pure beauty.
  • television personality and weather presenter Sian Lloyd gets behind Historic Buildings. From old strongholds and abbeys to castles and country manor houses, a rich architectural history can be seen across Wales from Powis Castle to Caernarfon Castle
  • Olympian and hurdles world record keeping athlete Colin Jackson is encouraging ballots when it comes to Quirky or Urban. From uber-modernist brand new builds to idiosyncratic old timers, Wales is filled with strong and gorgeous architecture, from Penarth Pier to Portmeirion.

Commander of ‘Team Coast’, actor Matthew Rhys, commented: “Asking me personally where my favourite invest Wales is similar to asking a mother or father to select your favourite son or daughter. Seeing that it creates up nearly two-thirds of our country's circumference, you will findn't many places worldwide that can boast 870 kilometers of uninterrupted seaside pathway with ridiculous variety – which’s the reason why I’m proceeding up ‘Team Coast’ this year.

“From Ogmore's cliffs, to your perfect shores of Gower plus the rugged beauty of North Wales, Wales generally is the small big nation, and I’m urging our nation to get behind our coasts come july 1st.”

To encourage visitors to determine their particular favourite and ignite a discussion over the whole of Wales, the Trust features listed final year’s top 25 shortlist on this year’s online voting types – as an useful hint at just what places showcased strongly last year and that may emerge as frontrunners once more. Favourites from just last year included the likes of The Lonely Tree in Llanfyllin, St. Fagan’s All-natural background Museum, Cyfarthfa Castle, Mwnt and Tenby.

Current research by The Trust suggests that over three-quarters of people (78 percent) feel happier whenever they’re outside above anywhere else – while the campaign will seek to get people on an outing through the summer and celebrating the locations where mean more for them.

With individuals taking into consideration the nationwide Trust Wales as a vital player in looking after all of the Unique locations in Wales (67 %), the Trust is leading most of Wales’ leading heritage and tourism figures to collaborate regarding the promotion and lead a mass party of the diverse selection of special places across Wales. Partners agreeable consist of:

  • Browse Wales
  • Cadw
  • Sustain Wales- Cynnal Cymru
  • Gladstone’s Library
  • History Lottery Fund
  • Hold Wales Tidy
  • Nationwide Museum Wales – Amgueddfa Cymru
  • Rambler’s Cymru
  • RSPB
  • Penarth Pier and Pavilion
  • Media Wales

National Trust Director for Wales, Justin Albert, additionally commented: “There’s without doubt we help preserve a number of the nation’s most cherished and historic places, but we all know that people tend to be hugely enthusiastic about all method of locations and that’s why we wish to champion them all during competition.

“For a relatively small country, Wales has actually an exceptional amount of special places. By working with our partners and taking a ‘Team Wales’ approach, we feel we are able to do more to promote the beautiful heritage, outdoors and unique attractions we now have in Wales.

“While our research* reveals men and women rank shores and also the country side among their favourite locations to flee, we want to kick-start a fantastic discussion that heroes anything and everything – from our well-known tourist attractions toward untold, concealed treasures. We’re wishing the addition of five categories this current year enable trigger the country to choose their particular side and right back it towards the end.”

The first phase associated with specialized Places competition runs from 14 May to 14 July and will search for the only winner within each one of the five groups. Once decided, each group winner will likely then fight it to-be the ultimate Unique Place in Wales and become crowned on 7 August.

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