South Wales, United Kingdom

December 11, 2022

Made in Southern WalesIt takes an engineer three months to essentially go into the move of camera manufacturing, and another three weeks to develop a specific camera in the PMW range, all of these tend to be complex and complex services and products.

Manufacturing is a business activity that many Europeans think about as a thing that occurs elsewhere.

But you can find notable if underpublicised exceptions. Like the Sony UK tech Centre in South Wales, in which many Sony’s professional HD cameras is made and maintained. Technology Centre is the just center outside Japan effective at making these types of higher level, top-notch products.

Digital camera production was were only available in Pencoed, a-south Wales town amongst the Welsh metropolitan areas of Swansea and Cardiff, in 2000.

Since that time the centre’s reputation is continuing to grow. Pencoed now helps make the Sony high-end system cameras the HDC-2400 and PMW-150 and

"Summer In" South Wales, United Kingdom
"Summer In" South Wales, United Kingdom
BEST WESTERN ABERAVON BEACH, South Wales, United Kingdom
BEST WESTERN ABERAVON BEACH, South Wales, United Kingdom
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