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May 25, 2022
We had a great time

Approximately every ten minutes, the lights dim and then begin their “show” because they begin rocking out (dancing) to getaway songs. The tracks consist of:

  • “A Mad Russian’s Christmas Time” – Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  • “Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12-24)” – Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  • “Feliz Navidad” – José Feliciano
  • “Jingle Bells” – Barbra Streisand
  • “What’s This?” – Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas

People understand the story of Osborne Lights at this point, however, if you don’t, here goes. The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights started in Arkansas whenever Jennings Osborne set up some lights 12 months for his girl, Breezy.

Every subsequent year, he included increasingly more. Some of these light shows had been only basic crazy (you can certainly still discover many of these strange products on screen during the Studios), but crazy in a great way.

Within the mid-1990s, Jennings was sued by their neighbors when it comes to spectacle and traffic problems the lights were resolving. Money ended up being achieved that apparently concluded the problem, but after breaking the regards to the settlement, Jennings was sued again.

Bought to dismantle his awesome display (as Sam the Eagle will say, the judge will need to have been distinctly un-patriotic), the Osborne household chose to share their particular lights, and supplied the display to Walt Disney World Resort. It is possible to read the complete tale right here–it’s pretty heartwarming and it has some a fairytale ending.

The display initially ran on Residential Street, nevertheless when that was eliminated for Lights, Motors, Action!, the show was broadened and moved to the Streets of The united states. The Osbornes were special visitors for the lighting service associated with the lights at Walt Disney World many times through the entire years.

the newest (by 2011) canopy of lights at Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. This Osborne Lights are most likely probably the most mesmerizing 'attractions' at Walt Disney World, and also this is the new highlight of the displayeven more photographs for the Osborne Lights: to see full-size!last year, Jennings Osborne passed away. Within the many years since, Walt Disney World features included an excellent tribute to him in the form of a lone white angel amongst the angels that group the globe. A fitting nod to the man which created that shine so brightly on ‘World.

Before I Have in front of myself with all the review, below are a few recommendations…


When it comes to recommendations, there truly aren’t many. As soon as the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights tend to be working, the Streets of America could possibly get loaded. This is especially valid for 2015, as many residents are apparently going to frequently to understand Osborne Lights inside their last year, and many tourists are making special trips down to Walt Disney World to see the lights. In other words, the roads of America tend to be always going to be crowded this year–it’s just a matter of just how crowded.

If your wanting to even get to the playground, however, you must know concerning the parking situation (if you’re driving) that has been happening regularly considering that the beginning of December 2015. Fundamentally, from mid-afternoon on, visitors trying to park at Disney’s Hollywood Studios are now being rerouted to Epcot and bussed over to DHS. It is every bit as inconvenient because sounds, if you'll prevent driving to DHS, you probably, really should. (We’d get in terms of to suggest walking from Overseas Gateway in Epcot to DHS as the most convenient option, as traffic has-been bad, also.)

When it comes to Osborne Lights themselves, right as soon as the lights are turned on could be the absolute worst in terms of crowds. We suggest avoiding the illumination service (it’s not that cool). Actually, for the very first time or two of procedure, it’s all challenging to move through the Osborne Lights, so our tip is always to hold back until next.

An individual will be on Streets of The united states, head towards the part roads or the sidewalk of primary roads to get out of sea of men and women. If you’re standing in the exact middle of the road, expect to be bumped, forced, and just usually “touched” by many other individuals looking to get past you. (this may appear to be a distressing experience, but actually, the Osborne Lights tend to be awesome–and worthwhile.)

In terms of crowds of people, we discovered that the Osborne Lights would be the least busy on evenings whenever Disney’s Hollywood Studios doesn't have additional Magic Hours and there is perhaps not a Mickey’s extremely Merry Christmas time Party occurring at secret Kingdom. Crowds will also be lighter during showings of Fantasmic and also at the very end regarding the evening.

Although this can be one of ideal times for photography as you need the deep blue dusk sky to praise the colorful lights, you will find crowds becoming much lower in the event that you wait. So far as photography goes, generally, the lights in fact aren’t most of difficult.

It’s so brilliant back right here that most digital cameras will be able to handle photographing the lights fairly easily in an automobile mode. In the event that you shoot in manual settings, consider opening the aperture slightly (wide open is not essential). You can also need certainly to lower the shutter rate a tad and lift up your ISO a tad.

In general, however, the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is probably the single-easiest environment for nighttime photography at Walt Disney World from a technical point of view since the lights are incredibly brilliant. The real challenge is avoiding the crowds of people to take the pictures! For thorough photography guidance, read our Christmas photographer recommendations post.

osborne-lights-basketball-mickey backup

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