Holiday places in Wales

October 21, 2022
Fforest Farm, Cilgerran

Wales is home to quaint villages and cosmopolitan towns, lush valleys, stunning coastline and breath taking mountain ranges. If you like legend and folklore, then you’ll love a disabled friendly holiday in Wales!

Choose from hills and valleys, gorgeous countryside, secluded shores, seaside cities or those additional inland, Wales is vibrant and welcoming, rich in history as well as in colour. Snow-capped ranges, green valleys and golden sands, there’s plenty gorgeous places available, from soothing Llandudno when you look at the north towards Mumbles in Swansea into the south.

And the as knowing the most readily useful locations so that you can check out in Wales, we supply a fantastic selection of obtainable accommodation available for you also. Adjusted cabins or caravans, cosy cottages or comfortable hotels, whatever your level of need or requirement, we accommodation in Wales that will suit. Therefore let's do-all the persistence for you to locate a great visit to Wales, all you have to do is consider someplace in which you’d love to get, and then you can unwind!

What is offered with our disabled breaks in Wales?

  • - accessible accommodation - guaranteed in full
  • - transportation gear hire - wheelchairs, hoists, shower seats, electric beds, and much more!
  • - attractions and times out
  • - economic defense
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Holiday Cottages In Wales
Holiday Cottages In Wales
Holidays in South Wales 2012 - Haven Holidays
Holidays in South Wales 2012 - Haven Holidays
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