Historical places in Wales

September 6, 2022
Bible at Ty Mawr Wybrnant

Excavation at Offa's DykeImage copyright Mark Williams Image caption Excavation works at Offa's Dyke were investigated by authorities but no-one ended up being prosecuted

A fresh law to guard historic monuments and structures in Wales is passed because of the installation.

Battlefields, primitive settlements and place brands will additionally be recorded.

It follows issue that off 119 cases of injury to sites between 2006 and 2012 only one triggered a successful prosecution.

The newest legislation will likely make it more challenging for individuals to claim ignorance of a monument's condition or area.

Authorities should be allowed to simply take urgent action to get rid of unauthorised run internet sites, and you will see actions to prevent historic buildings from dropping into disrepair.

Media captionKen Skates, deputy minister for culture, says the brand new law would provide more defense and redress

Historical environment records - including place-names - may also be apply a statutory footing in a UK initially for Wales.

Justin Albert, nationwide Trust manager for Wales, stated: "Sustaining and boosting our historic environment will certainly show the world exactly what a happy, caring and forward-thinking country we are - a nation that people will undoubtedly be wanting to see and tell united states."

Image caption

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Source: www.bbc.co.uk
Historical Welsh place names legal protection call
Historical Welsh place names legal protection call
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