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July 19, 2022
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They may be brands that residents of Cardiff use daily - but how many comprehend the interesting historic reasons behind them?

Titles like Bute and Mackintosh crop up throughout the town, while clusters of roads carry unusual and distinctive brands.

Here are the historical figures and tales that details how the brands came into being.

But if we've missed a name that you have always wondered about, make contact, therefore we'll add it in.

Brands that appear every where

From Butetown to Bute Park, there’s no escaping this title in Cardiff, and it also’s largely due to John Crichton-Stuart, the 2nd Marquess of Bute.

Fox Photos/Getty Images

At the time of their demise in 1848, he was heralded as “the creator of contemporary Cardiff”, having played the dominant role when you look at the construction of Cardiff Docks as well as its change into among world’s most important harbors, exporting scores of tonnes of coal and metal from their manufacturing enterprises across South Wales.

James Davies Photography

Cardiff Castle from Bute Park

His household additionally had Cardiff Castle, initially through the first Marquess of Bute, and a lot of notably the next Marquess, who was simply responsible for the magnificent gothic revival that visitors see today, as well as for commissioning head gardener Andrew Pettigrew (which offers his name to your Pettigrew beverage spaces) for creating Bute Park in how we come across today.

This title crops up just as frequently in Barry because it does in Cardiff, in which Romilly Road works adjacent to Thompson’s Park and leads you right down to The Romilly club.

Wikipedia/Creative Commons

The Romilly club, in Pontcanna

In Barry, there’s Romilly main class, Romilly Road, Romilly Avenue, additionally the Sir Samuel Romilly pub, which gives you an idea who’s accountable for their particular brands.

Sir Thomas Lawrence/National Portrait Gallery

Sir Samuel Romilly

Cardiff Castle from Bute ParkHis family’s connection with Barry started in 1812, as he bought the Barry and Porthkerry Estates, upon which nearly all of modern-day Barry presently appears. He had been a legal reformer and solicitor-general, while their boy John Romilly, ended up being made Baron Romilly of Barry in 1866.

Mackintosh spot, Mackintosh Church and Mackintosh Sports Club in Roath all bear the name of the Scottish chief which married Harriet Diana Arabella Richards, heiress of the Richards property in Plasnewydd, in 1880.


Cardiff's Mackintosh Spot

By the period Alfred Donald Mackintosh ended up being the 28th Chief of Clan Mackintosh.

Today, Alfred and Donald Streets lie next to Diana and Arabella Streets simply off Albany Road, while Moy path - known as after Mackintosh’s birthplace in Inverness - intersects Inverness destination just a couple of yards away.

Google Maps

Streets around Mackintosh Devote Cardiff

There’s more about Roath’s Scottish streets some more down.

Wyndham Arcade, in the centre of the town, and Wyndham Crescent, in Canton, both take their particular name through the Wyndham family members, which owned huge parts of land around Cardiff when you look at the 19th century.

Windham Henry Wyndham-Quin, was the 5th Earl of Dunraven, and had been army assistant to your governor of Madras during the time that Wyndham Arcade was built. He was also MP for Southern Glamorgan.

a title that plants up regularly in Cardiff, most famously in Ninian Park, the previous residence of Cardiff City. That stood right above the railroad track from Ninian Park Road, in Grangetown, while over the city you’ll find Ninian Road near Roath Park.

The Romilly club, in PontcannaStu Forster/Getty Images

Ninian Park during FA Cup match between Cardiff City and Arsenal in January 2009

They’re all named after Lord Ninian Crichton-Stuart, the boy of 3rd Marquess of Bute. He had been MP for Cardiff between 1910 and 1915, and was the guarantor inside land purchase that triggered Ninian Park being built.

Malcolm Morgan

The statue of Lord Ninian Crichton-Stuart in Gorsedd Gardens

He had been killed for action while leading the 6th Battalion, the Welsh Regiment in Belgium in October 1915. There’s a statue of him in Gorsedd Gardens, only outside City Hall

Areas with unusual brands

You will find three main concepts about where in actuality the name Roath originated in. Probably the most most likely is apparently that it comes from your message ráth, meaning fort in Gaelic (it’s generally Y Rhath in Welsh), while another advice usually it’s a corruption of “rhodd”, the Welsh term for gift.

Roath Park, Cardiff

One last choice is so it’s a form of Ratostabius, the name directed at the Roman settlement on the site of modern Cardiff.

The most used story the following is the name Canton arises from St Canna’s Town - a name empowered by a 6th century saint regarded as the daughter regarding the Breton master Tudur Mawr, a nephew of King Arthur, believed to have lived much of her life at Llangan in Pembrokeshire.

Cowbridge path East, in Canton, Cardiff, whilst seemed in 1955

The first recorded utilizes of the name day back again to the 13th century.

Some say the name Splott arises from the Welsh word Ysblad, indicating a firm lot enclosed by marsh. Other individuals say it’s a classic English term meaning a patch of land, and relates to the usage of the area for allotments before it come to be part of Cardiff.

Clifton Street in Splott in 1955

A 3rd, much more outlandish, recommendation is the fact that name is a shortening of God’s Plot, so called since the land had been as soon as owned by the Bishop of Llandaff.

Another one with no clear-cut beginning, although two main ideas now prevail. The first is that it’s a truncation of the phrase Cad Hayes, where Cad is the Welsh word for battle, and Hayes means “open area”.

Matthew Horwood

Cathays Library

Others suggests that it comes down through the old English phrase Catt Haga, meaning “enclosure (haga) where wildcats (catt) tend to be seen”.

A much more simple one.

The grounds of Whitchurch Hospital, pictured in November 2000

The name comes from White Church, and identifies a chapel integrated the 12th century on land given to Llandaff Cathedral.

Groups of streets known as strange things

View a map of Adamsdown and you’ll see some of the most exotic street brands in city. Sapphire Street, Topaz Street and Emerald Street lie across Clifton Street from Gold Street, Silver Street and Copper Street.

A short length away there’s Orbit Street, globe Street and Comet Street. Unfortunately, it’s unknown precisely how or why these brilliantly-named roads got their particular brands - with the exception of that they date to Cardiff’s house-building growth within the mid to late-1800s.

Sir Samuel Romilly Cardiff's Mackintosh spot roads around Mackintosh invest Cardiff Wyndham Arcade since it seemed in December 1988

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