South Wales weekend breaks

October 11, 2022
Trecco Bay Holiday Park

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Whether you intend to move away from it-all and reconnect with nature in gorgeous Welsh countryside or enjoy a fantastic city break and encounter a unique and distinctive tradition, our resorts in Wales have actually anything to offer. From luxury retreats to budget town accommodation, you’re certain to discover something that suits your preferences.

Our great value two night supper deals – with supper included from the first-night of the stay – are a really good option whenever you’re seeking to book a weekend away. Our Wales resort hotels are amongst the most useful when you need a calming getaway, and several make for an ideal spa breaks.

  • For cosmopolitan cities, there’s nowhere finer compared to interesting Welsh money and our accommodations in Cardiff are the perfect choice if you like your good dining, world-class sporting events and fabulous shopping – it’s in addition some thing of a pilgrimage site for fans of physician Who!
  • Our resorts in Swansea are likewise popular for discovering this cultural and historic town; look for the birthplace of Dylan Thomas, visit Swansea Castle or take in the durable and incredibly pretty coastline of Swansea Bay.
  • Probably the most family-friendly stop of this three-peak challenge, Snowdonia is crucial for followers of hiking and outdoor activities – find the outdoors and remain at our North Wales resort hotels.
  • Similarly stunning, the Brecon Beacons National Park is yet another section of outstanding pure beauty not to ever be missed by nature-lovers; the area is very easily obtainable from both our accommodations in South Wales and our Central Wales accommodations.

An excellent choice for your following short break, take a good look at our great number of resort hotels in Wales in the listing below.

Hotels in Wales

Escape toward Welsh country at one of our fabulous hotels in Central Wales – a great choice for a short break or refuge. When you yourself haven’t already seen it, this utterly picturesque an element of the world is a must-visit, and a break let me reveal equally fast-paced or relaxed as you allow it to be.

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Reconnect with nature and choose a peaceful escape far from all of it, and take the family and search for the useful locations to see and activities to do; our resort hotels in North Wales are simply just ideal for a quick break.

Quantity of hotels within area - 22

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What you may fancy from your own next short break – a cosmopolitan city break with great eating and fab shopping, or a peaceful escape far from it all where you can reconnect with mother nature – our resorts in Southern Wales lead to the most perfect destination. Enjoy one of our great value dinner deals, an ultra-relaxing spa break, or pick a hotel in a good area for your requirements; from spending plan accommodation to luxury retreats, we one thing to suit every person.

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Famed for the stunning shoreline of Pembrokeshire there's plenty maintain you hectic in western Wales. Look at the old Cathedral at St David's, journey to nearby Caldey Island, view dolphins and Wales off the coast or enjoy an adventure in another of the areas many castles. The medieval town of Tenby has actually many character and provides three blue banner beaches.

Quantity of hotels inside area - 1


Take note that information contained in these location guides had been proper during the time of research, but might prone to transform. Any mentioned attractions/points of great interest can transform or shut. Maps tend to be helpful tips just. If you do discover any inaccuracies or understand of anything you are feeling deserves inclusion in our guides, please email your remarks to .

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