What is in Cardiff?

August 25, 2022
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Did you know
Sherlock Season 4 are filmed in Cardiff’s Pinewood Studios

Cardiff is the UK’s largest Media Centre outside London. It’s house to 3 significant television studios, ITV Wales, S4C, BBC and lots of various other independent manufacturing companies. The BBC Cymru Wales drama studios in Roath Lock is a creative hub in which leading BBC dramas, Casualty, Pobol y Cwm and physician who will be created.

A doctor which Experience in Cardiff Bay houses the greatest number of physician whom memorabilia and site visitors can star within their very own adventure through some time space! There's also many walking tours prompted by Welsh entertainment, including the Gavin and Stacey journey and trips associated with the BBC Cymru Studios itself.

Cardiff Street Style

Cardiff has an incredible street style and fashion subcultures. Have pleasure in a bit of people watching on preferred shopping locales St. Mary’s Street and Queen Street into the town center. You’ll realize that plenty of Cardiff’s residents browse solely into the town’s classic and second hand boutiques. Take a stroll through The Morgan Quarter which combines The Morgan Arcade while the Royal Arcade. While having a rummage around Cardiff Fashion Quarter on Womanby Street, where you are able to select from an array of classic shops all in one place.

Street Art

While you’re on Womanby Street, invest some time and focus on the impressive art that will be daubed in the wall space. Recently Cardiff’s streets have become a canvass for neighborhood musicians and artists, where ever you go you can easily spot one thing new and attractive. Head down to the Abacus to see Phil Morgan’s popular bearded woman, or go somewhat additional afield to Roath and keep track of the evolution of animals down Crwys Road.

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What Is Life? - Olivia Newton-John at Cardiff Motorpoint Arena
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Ask Steve: What is your desire for Explicit 2013 in Cardiff?
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