South Wales tourist attractions

October 21, 2022
The first Sunday in December

1 Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House


One of many earth's great icons, the Sydney Opera home is a UNESCO World Heritage website therefore the star attraction regarding glittering harbor. This graceful building, shaped like shells or billowing sails, perches on a finger of land-surrounded by water. Snap an image while gliding by on a harbor cruise, flake out at one of many restaurants, stroll around its outside, and take an organized trip with this magnificent framework, which encompasses theaters, studios, exhibition spaces, a concert hallway, and cinema. Book a to find out about the history and get a behind-the-scenes look at this popular building. It is a flexible violation that enables you to definitely join anybody associated with tours through the day, departing every half-hour from 9am to 5pm. Avid professional photographers head to Mrs Macquarie's Chair for example of the greatest image opportunities.

Hours: led trips are available each day 9am-5pm

Admission: Free entry towards foyer and eateries, varies for guided tours and activities

Place: Bennelong Point, Sydney

2 Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge


The Sydney Harbour Bridge or "Coathanger, " due to the fact locals call-it, was the city's best-known landmark before building associated with Opera home. Supported by huge double piers at each and every end, it was built in 1932 and continues to be the earth's largest metal arch connection, linking the harbor's north and south shores in a single curve rising 134 m above the liquid. Along its size run two railway lines and eight lanes for road traffic, the direction which are diverse relating to traffic flow. Increasing bridge traffic encouraged construction of a harbor tunnel in 1992 to ease obstruction, but motorists can certainly still drive across bridge for blue water views. Pedestrians can walk across on walkways or join a guided ascent through BridgeClimb for a breathtaking panorama of this city and harbor. To know about the fascinating reputation for the bridge's building, look at the museum within the southeastern pier.

Daring souls who would like to climb up towards the 135-meter-high summit can reserve the . This might be a magnificent possibility which takes sets of as much as 13 people on an approximately 3.5 hour climb to the the surface of the exterior arch. Tours operate each day, starting with a dawn rise and ending with per night rise. 1.5-hour Sampler Climbs and 2.25-hour Express Climbs can also be found.

Address: 5 Cumberland St, Sydney

3 The Rocks

On a tongue of land protruding into Sydney Harbour, the Rocks historical location had been as soon as home on Gadigal aboriginal folks and soon after became the nation's first website of European settlement. The name of this Rocks arises from the rugged coastline regarding west side of Sydney Cove, where convicts pitched their tents. Today, over 100 heritage sites and structures jostle along the slim streets including Sydney's oldest enduring home, Cadman's cottage, built in 1816.

First end ought to be a call toward Rocks Discovery Museum, which traces the region's interesting transformation from conventional aboriginal lands, to convict slum, to tourist hotspot. A while later, roam all over narrow cobbled roads using their souvenir shops, restaurants, cafés, and aboriginal and contemporary art galleries, or shop at the marketplace stalls. Directed tours have huge variations from aboriginal history walks to photographic excursions and nighttime ghost tours.

Address: 66 Harrington St, Amount 6, The Rocks, Sydney

4 Circular Quay

Built by convict work in Sydney Cove, active Circular Quay happens to be home toward city's main ferry terminal. Tens of thousands of commuters flood the location at maximum hours, cafés abound, and street performers entertain residents and visitors across the bright walkways. For tourists, this really is a launching point when it comes to well-known harbor cruises, one of the better techniques to value Sydney's gleaming waterfront environment. Ferries in addition leave from here to prime places such Manly, Watson's Bay, and Taronga Park Zoo. The zoo is a good household outing and a sensible way to see some of Australia's popular native wildlife, including animals from about the planet. Purchase a in advance, including a ride on the Sky Safari gondola.

Darling Harbour Queen Victoria Building Sydney Tower

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Wish You Were Here - Coursework Video (South Wales Tourist
Wish You Were Here - Coursework Video (South Wales Tourist ...
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