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October 26, 2022
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Charlotte Church, left, and Katie Hopkins just who could face both at boxing.Charlotte Church, left, and Katie Hopkins which could deal with each other at boxing.

  • Charlotte Church, left, and Katie Hopkins who could face each other at boxing.

CONTROVERSIAL columnist Katie Hopkins seems to have accepted Charlotte Church's provide of a charity boxing match given that war of terms involving the two continues.

"Fat, Welsh Russell Brand" may be the newest taunt from Katie targeted at 'Voice of an Angel' singer Charlotte.

It follows Charlotte's choice to indulge in an anti-austerity march in Cardiff final weekend, following Conservatives' majority victory into the General Election.

Charlotte carried a banner saying: "I'm angry as hell and I also'm perhaps not gonna go on it anymore."

That generated claims from some that she had been a 'champagne socialist' and a twitter spat amongst the singer and Katie.

Katie stated recently: "we however reckon i possibly could knock that gurn off your face."

In her own column for Sun paper, she penned: "Chubster Charlotte Church has been back at my case this week.

"She also took to a loudspeaker to inform various other Welsh individuals how mad she was, while chugging a Greggs steak piece side-ways in her own rage - a fat, Welsh Russell Brand."

Regarding the recommended boxing match she included "some fisticuffs could possibly be simply my thing".

"come-on Charlotte, let us see who's harder. While you were eating sausage moves between tracks, I became graduating from Sandhurst and working 800m the Army.

"Despite being an alternative body weight unit, while the fact my hands dislocate when I sneeze, due to my epilepsy, we however reckon i really could hit that gurn off see your face."

A week ago's Twitter spat ended up being kicked off by Katie when she tweeted: "Oi! @charlotechurch breeze your neck in. Your Welsh While destroyed. Very own your problems."

In response Charlotte said: "I have no desire for speaking to you. You do not have humility and also you can not spell. Parasite."

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