Places to go South Wales

September 23, 2022

warning triangleThis beautiful woodland and visitor center may be the southern gateway into Brecon Beacons.

What’s here

  • Walking tracks
  • Problem trails
  • Hill biking trails and skills area
  • Obtainable trail
  • Play location
  • Visitor centre
  • Café
  • Toilets (including obtainable commodes)

Visitor Information

Garwnant may be the south portal into Brecon Beacons nationwide Park. It's situated over the A470, 14 kilometers south of Brecon and five miles north of Merthyr Tydfil.

It's also in the Fforest Fawr Geopark, certainly one of several places around the world designated for intercontinental geological significance.

Garwnant Visitor Centre

Garwnant Visitor Centre sits within the heart of the gorgeous woodland and is the starting point for walking trails, mountain biking channels for junior riders and a totally available path for wheelchair users and buggies.

Additionally a play area, low ropes program and two puzzle tracks plus a café to unwind in and enjoy fresh local produce and views.

You will find picnic tables all over primary car parking and over the walking tracks – some have actually material frames for holding throwaway barbeques.

Deer sculpture on Animal Puzzle Trail GarwnatCafé

The café is next to the customer centre and it is operate by neighborhood organization, simply Perfect Catering.

The café serves hot and cold products, cakes, lunches and everyday specials.

It specialises in regional produce including Celtic Pride beef to Welsh genuine dairy award-winning ice cream.

There are picturesque views through the restaurant area and there's external sitting for warmer days.

Kids play area

The children’s outdoor play area is found close to the visitor center and picnic location.

The primary play location would work for the kids aged as much as 8 years.

The lower ropes course works for children elderly between 7 and 15 years.

All of the play equipment is of robust wood construction which blends in with the forest environment.

The play location is maintained to a high standard by web site staff it obtains an annual independent RoSPA evaluation.


Wern Walk mapThere is absolutely no fishing from the Garwnant site but you can get a license to fish in reservoirs nearby that are handled by Dwr Cymru Welsh liquid.

Permits might purchased from admission devices on site. The cost of a permit varies according to location, measurements of catch, age and concessions.

Dogs welcome

By way of a special agreement utilizing the Kennel Club of good Britain Natural sources Wales welcomes visitors with dogs.

Taff Trail

There are diversions set up regarding the Taff Trail considering forestry businesses. The diversions are sign posted. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Please note:

  • Sometimes we have to shut or divert trails for your protection whilst we undertake upkeep work or woodland operations.
  • Sporadically we possibly may have to close a site in severe weather, particularly large winds or snowfall and ice as a result of the threat of problems for site visitors or staff.
  • Kindly always follow any instructions onsite while making yes you follow any short-term diversion signs positioned.

Present closures and diversions

The Toddlers Play location at Garwnant Visitor Centre is closed from Tuesday 15/03/16 until additional notice. We will be renewing the play surface. Sorry for inconvenience.

Every one of the walking trails tend to be waymarked and begin from carpark.

Willow go (half a mile, 1 kilometre)

The trail enables easy access to explore the forest for visitors with wheelchairs, electric buggies and pushchairs.The Willow Walk is a mild all-ability trail with numerous flow crossings. After crossing three bridges, the path experiences a willow tunnel on its way back again to the visitor center.

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