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April 30, 2023
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Port TalbotPORT TALBOT is a town built along the east rim of Swansea Bay in a thin strip of seaside simple surrounding the River Afan estuary. The neighborhood beach is recognized as Aberavon Sands and is situated along the side of the bay between the River Afan and the River Neath. Another coastline in Port Talbot is Margam Sands, popularly generally Morfa seashore. The north-eastern side of town is marked by the River Neath. A significant landmark within the town is the Port Talbot Steelworks.
The coastline section of the town is improved in addition to council announced in 2008 it was awarded the Blue Flag coastline condition for water quality and beach facilities. The M4 motorway cuts through city from southeast to northwest, crossing a central area on a concrete viaduct, junctions 38 to 41 offer Port Talbot, with junctions 40 and 41 being in the commercial heart regarding the city. Port Talbot is supported by the South Wales principal Line at Port Talbot Parkway railroad station. In April 2011, star Michael Sheen led a 72-hour nationwide Theatre Wales production of a contemporary retelling for the Passion within the city.
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Mothercare My-3 pram for sale
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