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January 18, 2022
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Noel Santallan became famous over night in Iceland.Noel Santallan may be the 28 year-old visitor just who became popular instantly in Iceland for accidentally operating entirely towards remote city of Siglufjörður, North Iceland because his gps device device led him here. "i am thrilled the trip proved in this manner, " he states in a job interview with Siglufjörður's local report, Siglfirðingurinn.

Santallan is from Perth Amboy in nj-new jersey, American and it is probably Iceland's most well-known traveler. Their claim to popularity: Driving for 5 1/2 hours entirely to a street known as Laugarvegur in Siglufjörður instead of to their resort on Laugavegur in Reykjavik.

"I experienced in the pipeline to keep one-night in Reykjavik then drive around Southern Iceland as it is a much better choice for the weather conditions. It never took place in my experience to-drive nationwide on my first day, specially maybe not straight from the airport, " he describes.

He adds that views along the way to Siglufjörður had been impressive. "I'm delighted that travel ended up because of this." He claims the people of Siglufjörður have-been very nice to him and helped call at every way.

Santallan explains he checked their GPS system twice on the path to Siglufjörður and it constantly offered similar area. Upon arrival at Laugarvegur 18 the GPS informed him he'd reached their hotel and that is in which he knocked regarding home. Hótel Frón, where he'd scheduled a-room, is nevertheless on Laugavegur 22A in Reykjavik.

"i am proceeding straight back south these days, i have just met another man from United States here in Siglufjörður, their name's Jeremy and then we're gong to push back collectively. On Saturday I'm going back into the usa. "

Source: icelandmonitor.mbl.is
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