House to rent Port Talbot

October 7, 2022

Thumbnail 4 sleep detached home to lease in Harvard Jones Close, Neath1 - 3 of 3

£675 pcm (£156 pw)

4 2 1

Harvard Jones Close, Neath SA11

Our company is please presenting this large 4 bedroom residential property positioned in the area of Neath. The property is close to local amenities such as for example regional shops take aways. The home is based near great transport backlinks such as for instance coach paths and train channels.

Briton Ferry (0.5 miles) Neath (1.3 miles)

Note: Distances tend to be straight line dimensions

£450 pcm (£104 pw)

High-street, Glynneath, Glynneath, Neath Port Talbot. SA11

£200 fee for solitary occupancy £30 for additional tenant We offer to allow this semi-detached home located in Glynneath. The property comprises of one reception area, big cooking area, restroom, two upstairs cloakrooms and four bedrooms. The home ...

Treherbert (6.2 kilometers) Ynyswen (7.0 miles)

Thumbnail 4 bed terraced household to hire in St-John's Terrace, Neath Abbey, Neath, Neath Port Talbot Note: Distances tend to be straight-line dimensions

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Zoopla is one of the UNITED KINGDOM's leading residential property portals, helping you to get a hold of residential property available and to rent and work out smarter choices when buying and renting houses in britain. Discover information about homes in Neath Port Talbot by looking into Neath Port Talbot home values, Neath Port Talbot residence costs paid, our Neath Port Talbot residential property marketplace overview and find Neath Port Talbot agents.

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All properties to lease in Neath Port Talbot with a garden, parking/garage, hearth, lumber floors, balcony/terrace or porter/security. Houses to hire in Neath Port Talbot with a yard, parking/garage, hearth, wood flooring, balcony/terrace or porter/security. Flats to lease in Neath Port Talbot with a garden, parking/garage, fireplace, wood flooring, balcony/terrace or porter/security.

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Mid Terraced House to let in Neath & Port Talbot
Mid Terraced House to let in Neath & Port Talbot
House To Rent in Talbot Road, Manchester, Grant Management
House To Rent in Talbot Road, Manchester, Grant Management ...
3 bedroom House to rent in Port Alfred
3 bedroom House to rent in Port Alfred
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