Places to Visit in Wales England

September 27, 2022
St. David s Cathedral

Conwy CastleConwy Castle

A trip to Wales is partial without a call to 1 or more of your attractions. We are able to assistance with advice and home elevators all aspects associated with the check out. Taking care of some of the finest historical destinations throughout Wales, we are essentially placed to assist you.

  • Free familiarisation visits for people in the travel trade and vacation hit
  • Image loan service
  • Free promotional leaflets to support your programmes
  • 3 and 7 day Explorer Passes (fully commissionable, as much as 25%) on company sale
  • Discounts for team visits
  • Priority access scheme

Planning team visits

If you would like to get no-cost advice and suggestions which websites would best fit your programme be sure to contact our marketing desk (contact details below).

Complimentary familiarisation visits

One telephone call to your advertising and marketing table and we will be very happy to arrange a totally free familiarisation stop by at our properties (contact details below).

Totally free advertising leaflets

Please contact our advertising desk (contact details below).

Photo Library solution

We have a comprehensive range of high-quality pictures available for hire. Kindly contact the Wales on View photographic collection or contact our marketing desk (contact details below).

Explorer Passes

  • A 3 or 7 day Explorer Pass offers your group or ‘go while you please’ visitors no-cost admission into 30 charging historic tourist attractions in care of Cadw. It is also sold as an optional extra.
  • Holders regarding the pass possess freedom to explore as many tourist attractions as they want both 3 days in virtually any 7, or 1 week in every 14.
  • Explorer Passes are offered for: single person; two grownups or family
  • Obtain Commission — up to 25percent
  • Explorer Passes can be found on a strong purchase foundation

Group discounts

For sets of 15 or more a 10% discount emerges on person and paid off rate groups.

To get a free group organiser’s pack be sure to contact:

The separate traveller

Join Cadw

Account of Cadw offers free admission to all or any internet sites within our care, from Caerphilly Castle, Castell Coch and Tintern Abbey inside south to world-famous Caernarfon and Harlech Castles into the north. Membership also provides half-price admission to hundreds of sites in The united kingdomt and Scotland, from Stonehenge to Edinburgh Castle and even more.

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visit England
visit England
Cornwall, England
Cornwall, England
Windsor Castle -England-visit
Windsor Castle -England-visit
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