Train times from Port Talbot to Cardiff

October 13, 2022
Your essential guide to

Train prepared leave from Fishguard

[April 2011] so long as anybody remembers, Fishguard’s train solution is virtually non-existent. One daytime return train meets the midday Irish Ferry. Another inside little hours fulfills the night time ferry. Did you know any person from Pembrokeshire who’s willingly taken the 1:50am train from Fishguard? It reaches Swansea at 3:25, with around 30 minutes to wait patiently when it comes to 3:57 to … you have the point.

The promotion for a suitable railway solution for north Pembrokeshire features operate consistently. After limitless delays and disappointments, unexpectedly it's all modification: from September 2011, Fishguard has five extra trains both techniques to Carmarthen, where we’ll modification for Swansea, Cardiff, London, Manchester, the planet … And Fishguard is all of a sudden only each and every day travel away for a million . 5 individuals in south-east Wales. They usually have many good reasons to check out north Pembrokeshire, plus it’s getting much easier.

In three years the test service will be evaluated. We wouldn’t wish lose it. Therefore today it’s as much as united states – families, pupils, retired, visitors, workers, holidaymakers, festival-goers: make use of the brand new solution, while making certain it provides what we need. We’re right here to encourage involvement, and offer the brilliant campaigning associated with the North Pembrokeshire Transport Forum. Happily their particular work continues.

Fishguard Trains is an unbiased website operate by a casual number of regional rail users. We’ll help use of the brand new service, report its news, negative and positive, provide everyone a voice with its development. The latest service is only going to be just like the connections it creates. To start with, that is in the possession of of Arriva, Pembrokeshire CC and WAG, so we’ll be viewing closely what they do. Nonetheless they is only able to deliver the solution. It can’t reach its potential without active community participation – that is your job.

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Arriva Train Wales: South Wales Main Line Swansea to
Arriva Train Wales: South Wales Main Line Swansea to ...
Duke of Gloucester 71 departing Port Talbot Parkway on
Duke of Gloucester 71000 departing Port Talbot Parkway on ...
Season 5, Episode 390 - Port Talbot Parkway (16/08/2014)
Season 5, Episode 390 - Port Talbot Parkway (16/08/2014)
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