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September 12, 2022
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Paul Hilton and Laura Ingarfield face a £100 fineImage copyright laws Wales Information Service Image caption Laura Ingarfield. pictured with her partner Paul Hilton, says she'll not spend the good

a motorist is facing a £100 fine after making an error whenever entering her enrollment number into a parking machine.

Laura Ingarfield tapped a letter O rather than the number zero to the machine during a visit to Port Talbot's Aberavon's Reel Cinema.

Parking company Minster Baywatch rejected the woman appeal resistant to the fine.

Ms Ingarfield, of Cwmavon, Port Talbot, stated: "It's disgusting. There is no way i'll pay that fine."

'Breach of guidelines'

"it absolutely was an easy blunder that any person may have made, and I do not think i will need to pay a fine with this.

"If I knew I'd attempted to get away without paying, i might have paid the fine.

"But i did not do that. I do believe what they're performing is wrong."

A spokeswoman for Minster Baywatch stated: "This was a breach of the website guidelines which make it clear the registration inputted should be total and correct. Because of this, a parking cost had been released.

"Minster Baywatch are happy we now have acted appropriately throughout this process and Ms Ingarfield has-been supplied with all vital information, possibilities to impress and a significantly reduced parking fee amount."

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