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August 30, 2022
Wallace and Gromit promote

Corporate logoSandcastles at Burton Bradstock, Dorset

Our function - to make sure tourism in The united kingdomt flourishes

VisitEngland may be the nationwide Tourist Board for England. We work with national and business to shield the industry's effective and lasting future, and develop the visitor experience across England. We prepare the nationwide tourism method, grow the value of tourism in England and offer advocacy when it comes to business and our site visitors. Our tasks are underpinned by sturdy research and customer ideas.

In the last five years VisitEngland has actually spent over £57m of Government investment in English tourism.yearly Report cover 2014-2015 These investments have created over £1.5 billion development in visitor investing and also to date have actually developed over 28, 000 tasks.
England is a distinctive destination and a real powerhouse in global tourism. It presents 84 per cent of total UNITED KINGDOM customer economy, is worth £106 billion, and aids 2.6 million tasks.

Our part - to aid and lead

We provide cleverness, coordinated advertising and marketing and strategic way and undertake our operate in cooperation with others. We earnestly encourage higher collaboration between your various sectors involved in the customer economic climate. We support our partners at national and neighborhood degree to attain economic growth, and also to boost investment and work by developing special visitor experiences and adopting effective company practices.

Business Strategy 2015 - 2016

Our business strategy papers our in the pipeline activity the monetary year 2015/16, following the Triennial Assessment with lead to changes towards the means we achieve tourism growth in England.

Yearly Report 2014-15

The VisitEngland Annual Report 2014-15 reflects on our activity and key accomplishments over the past year in satisfying the bold development targets set because of the Strategic Framework for Tourism in England 2010-20.

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Irish Tourist Board - The Ballad of the Irish Horse (1986, UK)
Irish Tourist Board - The Ballad of the Irish Horse (1986, UK)
Yorkshire Tourist Board - Long Weekend (2009, UK, cinema)
Yorkshire Tourist Board - Long Weekend (2009, UK, cinema)
UK TV commercial for the Canary Islands Tourist board
UK TV commercial for the Canary Islands Tourist board ...
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