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July 2, 2021
Caerdydd is welsh for Cardiff

Mastering Welsh - Welsh signpostsMost of your ‘Learning the language’ posts are a little tongue in cheek, as you would expect. Frequently I would walk you through finer points of a local accent, maybe add a phrase or two, and throw-in some absurd slang alongside a couple of audiovisual examples. Nevertheless Cardiff, and as a consequence Wales, is an alternative instance completely. This time we have the whole complex and beautiful Celtic language to munch on. Here’s your guide on how to discover Welsh in Cardiff.

Inevitably we’ll simply be able to damage the outer lining, but at the very least we could give you someplace for lessons now! No person would like to see ‘Yorkshire Language courses’ over me personally, but before East London university of Cockney Rhyming Slang starts for company, our blogs may nevertheless be your best wager.

Shamefully, familiarity with the Welsh language, or even Wales itself, are sparse outside these countries (or beyond your realm of Rugby Union). Therefore, let’s begin with a little framework.

The Welsh language

According to the 2011 census, Welsh is talked by around 560, 000 individuals, that’s only 19per cent of Wales’ general population of just over 3 million.

Even though the language is witnessing something of a revival in some inner-city areas, the main population centers of Wales: Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, etc. are typical predominately English speaking. Regrettably, despite a great amount of government investment, the language is still in a small decrease. When compared to sixties, the drop is marked.

Strangely the language really is present overseas, in a few far-flung Welsh colonies in Argentinian Patagonia. Towns like Gaimen, Trelew or Trevelin however retain a tiny populace of Welsh speakers. To such an extent your British military were unable to utilize Welsh as a ‘code language’ during the Falklands War.

Mastering Welsh - in which they speak itHelpful Words & Phrases

Welsh can sometimes appear throaty in pronunciation but usually sing-song in tone. It uses a ‘Tapped R’, which will be a shorter type of the rolled ‘R’ common in Spanish. Obviously Wales is Gales in Spanish, frighteningly just like the pronunciation of Galicia in northern Spain, which forms the main old ‘Celtic Triangle’.

The website Omniglot features an excellent variety of basic Welsh expressions, with playable pronunciation also. This can help, as numerous letters in Welsh make different noises with their English counterparts. Likewise, if you’re in search of a helpful help guide to alphabetic pronunciation try this:

(The letter grouping ‘Ll’ is my personal favourite)

Cardiff English

Like most distinct regions of the UK, Cardiff features its own slang and local language. Given that city is not among the hotbeds of the Welsh language, these might come in handy too.

Cardiff English Meaning
Adding an ‘s’ towards end of a term You knows it/I loves cawl, I do (Welsh stew)
Butt (m) / Beaut (f) Informal term of endearment
Chopsy Cheeky
C’m 12 months Come right here
Cwtch Heated smooth hug
Daps Trainers/plimsoles
ing shortened to in‘ at the end of words Singing becomes: Singin
Lush Great/attractive
Mitcher Skiving or skipping college or work
Tamping Furious
Neat Good/we approve
What’s occurrin’? What’s going on/What’s taking place?
Ych a fi! (uh-ka-vee) That’s disgusting

Learning Welsh in Cardiff

Below are a few options for any brand new Cardiff pupil looking to learn Welsh throughout their time in the administrative centre:

Cardiff University runs it is very own Welsh classes for adults, starting from basic all the way to fluent. More info right here.

Cardiff and Vale College features programs going throughout the nationwide curriculum, with GCSE and also as Levels on offer. More information right here.

The declare Something in Welsh podcast can give you an online outlet in either North or South Welsh, based on your preference. More details here.

Menter Caerdydd offer a large variety of solutions for individuals in Cardiff in order to promote the use of Welsh away from school. Irrespective of working childcare and family-orientated events they also concentrate on person education and learning. More info here.

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Cardiff freedom honour for Welsh military medics
Cardiff freedom honour for Welsh military medics
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