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October 27, 2022
South Wales Evening Post

Tragic news as former Wales Rugby League intercontinental Paul Morgan dies elderly 40..FORMER Wales Rugby League worldwide Paul Morgan, an energetic rugby player of both codes, has died elderly 40 after a brief infection.

He won two full Welsh Rugby League caps and had been history player number 432.

After playing for Pencoed at youth levels, he made his break in top class rugby union in 1995 whenever their studies at Brunel University in London, turning out for London Welsh.

On going to Wales in 1999 he finalized for Whitland RFC, before joining his first Welsh Premiership club in Aberavon in 2000 when he made a two-try debut against Walsall within Talbot Athletic Ground on August 20.

He played on a regular basis until their final online game against Neath on Gnoll on in September, 2004, his 91st appearance. He scored 30 attempts and had a brief enchantment at Llanharan in 2002.

In 2003 he tried his hand at rugby league as a result of the Wizards’ link with new Welsh Conference part Aberavon battling Irish plus in 2004 won their first Wales Dragonhearts (the a part in Wales Rugby League) cap.

He joined rivals Bridgend Blue Bulls RLFC in 2005 and scored a hat-trick of attempts within their Harry Jepson Trophy Final after the growing season.

This, along with his performances throughout every season, received him selection the full Wales part, winning two caps – the first against Ireland in Dublin and the 2nd against France in the 2005 Rugby League European Cup Final in Carcassonne.

He had been then snapped up for the very first ever Celtic Crusaders squad in 2006. He made 30 appearances regarding the wing rating 16 tries, but departed prior to the 2007 campaign.

But his association with rugby league didn't end here. He gone back to Bridgend Blue Bulls and won more Dragonhearts hats up to 2009, during 2013 he assisted to arrange the primary clothing sponsorship of Southern Wales Scorpions RLFC.

Before their Crusaders spell, he played eight games with Maesteg at the beginning of their particular 2005-06 period and after his year in professional rugby league, he spent a-year at Bridgend Ravens then went back to their regional club Pencoed, playing union when you look at the winter season and league during summer for a further 36 months.

In 2009, he moved into mentoring and spent 2 yrs each with Neath Athletic and Aberavon Quins.

He had been additionally a keen cricketer and played for several years at Pencoed Cricket Club, recently as captain.

Paul ended up being enjoyed by all-in the Welsh sporting community. He is the very first Celtic Crusaders first group player from the club’s six-year record to reduce their life.

Many people have actually paid tribute to him.

Chris O’Callaghan – former leader of both Aberavon Wizards RFC and Celtic Crusaders RLFC, stated: “i will be acutely saddened because of the tragic news about Paul's demise. He was a great servant of Aberavon RFC and an integral player during a highly successful duration within the club's record.

“His amount of time in Rugby League saw him win two complete limits for his nation which help the Celtic Crusaders achieve an unprecedented increase to Super League condition.

“He could chat a cup attention to fall asleep and had been the best optimist; a person who constantly saw your glass ended up being half-full rather than half bare. He'll be terribly missed by his family members, their peers, previous team mates, and many buddies.”

James Davies, former team-mate at Aberavon Quins RFC and Aberavon battling Irish RLFC, stated: “Had the great pleasure of knowing you as a pal, coach, player so that as your skipper.

“Always wanted to play rugby the proper way that lead to Nathan Flynn and I utilizing all their techniques down Aberavon Greenstars.

“Never anyone to shy from voicing his opinion, just because it had beenn't what people desired to hear, hence the fact we got on so well! Their passion about winning lead to him becoming misunderstood! Successful Sexy ended up being the only alternative.”

Wayne Hall, friend and staff supervisor at Bridgend Ravens, said: "I'm devastated concerning the development to tell the truth. Having understood Paul (and his family members, specifically his mum and father) since he was a young child coming through the ranks at Pencoed, he'll be missed by all just who understood him.

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