Port Talbot biomass

June 2, 2022
Jeremy Bailey (front) with the

Wstern Wood 1The 14.3 MW Western Wood Biomass Plant is situated in Port Talbot, Wales and commenced operation and was paid into the customer, west Bioenergy, after 2008.

The annual power production is around 110, 000 MWh which satisfies the electricity requires of greater than 30, 000 families.


To make certain a high degree of freedom, the tailored biomass plant can be fired with woodland lumber residues and clean, uncontaminated deposits from wood handling by means of chips, logs and sawdust. Logs are gotten, saved and chipped before becoming fed to the boiler.

The biomass plant is designed to function as a base-load energy product, running near capability corresponding to 14.3 MW electric output. This leads to a yearly usage of more or less 160, 000 a great deal of biomass.

Operation and Repair (O&M)

The BWSC-founded joint venture, west Biomass Operating Co. Ltd. (WBOC), ended up being awarded a 5-year O&M agreement. A highly skilled staff of 20 people are in charge of day-to-day operation regarding the plant (24/7).

WBOC can be responsible for obtaining and processing all fuels brought to the plant. Through the O&M contract, WBOC ensures the fulfillment of all required upkeep and help tasks and guarantees a cost-efficient operation for the plant the client.

Technical details

  • The gasoline dealing with system gets, stores, potato chips, combinations and nourishes the combustion plant
  • An enhanced spreader-stoker fed travelling grate guarantees complete burnout associated with biomass gasoline
  • The boiler utilises the power introduced from burning to transform water to superheated steam which will be led into a MES-manufactured 2-shaft steam turbine changing the steam power into electrical energy
  • a bag filter system removes dirt and particles through the burning gases
  • An air-cooled condenser converts the vapor making the steam turbine into water before it is returned to the condensate system, where its fed back in the boiler once again.
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