Neath Port Talbot Theatres

August 31, 2022
West End star opens up about

Plaza cinema and Princess Royal TheatreImage copyright Google

The future of a city center theatre could possibly be thrown into doubt if a nearby derelict cinema building is cut back alive, it has been cautioned.

Port Talbot's Plaza cinema, in which Richard Burton and Sir Anthony Hopkins used to see, has been earmarked to reopen as a type of arts center.

But Neath Port Talbot council leader Steve Phillips stated it could never be lasting to run the Plaza and Princess Royal Theatre.

No decisions have actually however already been made.

"We do need deliver the Plaza cinema back to productive use, " Mr Phillips said.

"Not least since it is contrary Port Talbot Parkway place that will be being refurbished, but we've got huge plans for regeneration of Station Road which it really is after."

The Plaza shut-in 1999 and there's been a lasting purpose to reopen it, while the theater building, that is an element of the city's civic centre, is in need of restoration.

'hard circumstances'

Mr Phillips stated the council had to glance at how it subsidises arts and tradition facilities because it encountered budget cuts.

Housing a theater in part associated with the revamped cinema building will not be ruled out.

He additionally accepted the chance that neighborhood groups or not-for-profit organisations could take throughout the theater but remarked that quite often, such groups require subsidies.

Mr Phillips added: "Councillors across Wales face difficult decisions from the future of greatly subsidised arts and social facilities.

"Neath Port Talbot is not any various therefore the budget proposals presently out for assessment feature scrutiny of this financing of present services when you look at the county borough.

"Whilst councillors have taken no decisions, it really is obvious the expert cannot maintain a new facility within a few hundred yards of a current one.

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