What to do in Cardiff Bay?

August 26, 2022
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Route Details

  • Length: 6.2 kilometers
  • Category: Easy
  • Traffic: commonly Traffic-free
  • Surface: Tarmac
  • Start: Mermaid Quay
  • Finish: Barrage
  • Access: Cardiff Bay Stop
  • Nationwide Pattern Network: Route 8

Route Information

Thanks to the People’s Bridge, Pont y Werin, discover now a whole 6.2 mile circuit around Cardiff Bay. The Trail provides an attractive circular ride that backlinks up all the fabulous destinations and activities within Cardiff Bay.

Over the path there is lots to see and do. Explore the Bay’s vibrant taverns, cafes, restaurants and heritage internet sites; take advantage of the variety of activities on offer at Overseas Sports Village, or simply just unwind and unwind as you pattern across the Barrage taking-in the seaside views throughout the Bay and Penarth. The route additionally boasts numerous great destinations such as the Dr whom Enjoy, Techniquest as well as the Millennium Centre, and in case you have got young kids the play ground half way across the barrage provides a good gap stop for a picnic or ice-cream.

The building associated with the Pont y Werin Bridge, had been part of a Sustrans project financed because of the nationwide Lottery. Cardiff and Penarth are now actually within effortless get to of 1 another by walking and by bicycle. The scheme has given people the opportunity to simply take a leisurely cycle trip or walk across the picturesque Bay and also the iconic connection has become a beautiful national landmark. Get more info here

Items to see and do

Complimentary Maps and Leaflets

Llwybr y Bae

Mae'r llwybr cylchol, hawdd, ddi-draffig hyn yn rhedeg o amgylch Bae Caerdydd ac ar attracts i dref glan môr Penarth dros Bont y Werin. Mae’n perffaith ar gyfer teuluoedd ac yn rhoi cyfle gwych i archwilio caffis, bariau a bwytai bywiog Bae Caerdydd; a safleoedd treftadaeth, a’r amrywiaeth wych o weithgareddau a gynigir ym Mhentref Chwaraeon Rhyngwladol newydd y Bae.

Manylion Allweddol y Llwybr

  • Rhanbarth/Ardal: De-ddwyrain Cymru
  • Pellter: 6.2 milltir
  • Dosbarthiad: Hawdd
  • Wyneb: Tarmac
  • Cychwyn: Gorsaf Ganolog
  • Gorffen: Bae Caerdydd
  • Mynediad: Gorsaf drenau Bae Caerdydd, Gorsaf Ganolog
  • Llwybr RhBC: Llwybr 8

Disgrifiad y Llwybr

Diolch i Bont-y-Werin, ceir nawr gylch cyfan 6.2 milltir o amgylch Bae Caerdydd. Mae Llwybr y Bae yn cynnig taith gylchol hyfryd sy’n cysylltu’r holl atyniadau a gweithgareddau sydd o fewn Bae Caerdydd.

Ar hyd y daith mae digonedd i’w weld a’i wneud. Gallwch archwilio bariau, caffis a bwytai bywiog a safleoedd treftadaeth y Bae; manteisio ar y llu o weithgareddau sydd ar gael yn safle newydd Pentref Chwaraeon Rhyngwladol Bae Caerdydd, neu dim ond ymlacio wrth feicio ar draws y Morglawdd gyda’r golygfeydd arfordirol ar draws y Bae a Phenarth. Ceir nifer o atyniadau rhagorol ar y llwybr hefyd, yn cynnwys y Dr Just Who Enjoy, Techniquest a Chanolfan y Mileniwm, ac os oes gennych blant ifanc bydd y parc chwarae hanner ffordd ar draws y Morglawdd yn lover delfrydol am bicnic neu hufen iâ.

Beth bynnag sy’n mynd â’ch bryd, mae popeth ym Mae Caerdydd, ac nid oes ffordd well i’w archwilio nag ar Lwybr Bae Caerdydd.

Pethau i'w gweld a'u gwneud

Mapiau a Thaflenni am Ddim





Path indication image:


Nationwide pattern system chart for South East Wales including the Celtic Trail cycle route between Chepstow and Swansea.

The straightforward traffic-free circular path works around Cardiff Bay and across to the seaside city of Penarth via Pont y Werin. It's perfect for households and returning cyclists and provides a fantastic chance to explore Cardiff Bay's vibrant waterfronts cafés, taverns and restaurants; heritage internet sites, and fantastic variety of activities being offered during the Global Sports Village.

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Source: www.sustrans.org.uk
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