Cardiff sightseeing

March 27, 2024
Cardiff sightseeing

IMG_8800Our cruises simply take you within our unique purple ship from Cardiff Bay through Bristol Channel through the Cardiff Barrage, one of many largest municipal manufacturing projects in Europe with regards to ended up being integrated the 1990s. After that, we make our solution to sea to historic Flatholm Island and rear.

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Among the list of web sites you will see from an entirely unique perspective on our Cardiff sightseeing motorboat trips tend to be:

  • Dr Who Experience, an adventure through time and room
  • Penarth Pier, a Victorian period pier within the Vale of Glamorgan
  • Steep Holm Island, house of 6th century St Gildas
  • Flat Holm Island, which bears a 1737 lighthouse and World War II firearm emplacement
  • BBC Wales
  • Norwegian Church, offering the spiritual requirements of Norwegian sailors and expats since 1868
  • Wales Millennium Centre, site for operas, ballet and party, and undoubtedly many arts organisations and cafe
  • Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey
  • The luxurious St. David’s Hotel and spa

Cardiff Sightseeing Boat Trip – what’s included?

The trips, with onboard discourse, last one and a half hours. There clearly was a variety of tea, coffee-and snacks onboard. Also there was a toilet (people ask us this). Ours is the longest, tallest and heaviest for the tour boats that function in Cardiff Bay. We work on college holiday breaks and weekends and only if the weather condition is favorable plus the tide is within.

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Cardiff, Sightseeing by bus
Cardiff, Sightseeing by bus
Doctor Who Sightseeing in Cardiff
Doctor Who Sightseeing in Cardiff
Cardiff Sightseeing bus tour 2/2
Cardiff Sightseeing bus tour 2/2
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