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August 24, 2022
If you re wondering how to

Conwy Castle - Cadw, Welsh Government (Crown Copyright)/Cadw, Llywodraeth Cymru (Hawlfraint y Goron)In a nutshell.

Where to start?

Up inside Welsh hill Zoo overlooking Colwyn Bay with ring-tailed lemurs and water lions, or along the prom at Llandudno Pier - the longest in Wales stretching-out 2, 295ft across water along with its assortment of amusements, cafes and pubs?

At gorgeous Bodnant outdoors in the Vale of Conwy commonly regarded as among the better into the UK, in which you will find terraced home gardens, yards and wild landscapes in addition to huge selection of plants and flowers throughout the entire world.

Or between the lakes and moors of Mynydd Hiraethog at?

Llandudno attractions are available in all sizes and shapes – rather actually.

What about Conwy’s quirky ‘a tiny red painted one-up one down that actions a miniature 3 metres high by 1.8 metres wide, or Rhos-on-Sea’s wonderful Harlequin Puppet Theatre for bite-sized beginners?

Followed by nature on a grand scale at Betws-y-Coed’s spectacular Swallow Falls on the Afon Llugwy, famous around the world and rightly therefore, or perhaps the Great Orme nation Park Visitor Centre high above Llandudno where you are able to discover more towards 400 forms of wildflower on limestone cliffs and learn about the seabirds including razorbills and fulmars that you're expected to spot.

Llandudno destinations play to a large and varied audience.

Our heritage tend to be a large draw too.

Great Orme nation Park Llandudno although palace and town walls built by English King Edward we are just part of our story.

Range products:

Range products: 5

  1. Built for King Edward we between 1283 and 1287, Master James of St George's design remains a superb achievement of medieval army architecture. World Heritage Website. Website exhibition.
  2. The Welsh hill Zoo is placed in North Wales, large above Colwyn Bay with panoramic views and breath-taking surroundings; its breathtaking gardens are house to the caring preservation zoo.
  3. Kind

    Heritage / Visitor Centre

    Nation Park and Visitor Centre.

Venue Cymru Llandudno Welsh hill Zoo - nationwide Zoo of Wales, Colwyn Bay

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Dolserau Hall Hotel - Dolgellau, North Wales.
Dolserau Hall Hotel - Dolgellau, North Wales.
Things to do in Llandudno North Wales
Things to do in Llandudno North Wales
Family Attractions North Wales | Anglesey Sea Zoo
Family Attractions North Wales | Anglesey Sea Zoo
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