Cardiff points of Interest

October 20, 2022
Cardiff also houses numerous

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Towns and Villages

These is a listing of locations where are on the Taff Trail path. You can click on the place name to see detailed information on that an element of the Taff Trail also photographs and sights.

Taff Trail Record

The Taff Trail ended up being officially launched by Sir Wyn Roberts in 1988 after work by Merthyr and Cynon Groundwork Trust. Both logistical and monetary help happens to be supplied by Sustrans together with Welsh Development department.

The Groundwork Trust introduced collectively current trails and plans to produce them by working together with the local councils the Taff Trail passes through.

The Path

The Taff Trail is a 55 mile (88 km) pattern and walking route starting when you look at the south in Cardiff Bay and traveling north to Brecon Theatre. The trail passes through most of the cities, villages and localities mentioned above. Its made up of old railway paths, forest routes and canals and employs nationwide pattern path 8. You'll find a great chart associated with the course from the Sustrans site.

Altitude ChartFor first 50km roughly from Cardiff Bay there clearly was a steady incline. The top at 14km in chart above shows the high path to Castell Coch in Tongwynlais but this could be avoided by staying on Merthyr path. As soon as you get to Merthyr Tydfil might observe a steeper ascent entirely to Pontsticill. Some slight respite from the rise is experienced around Abercynafon prior to the last push up to Talybont Reservoir the highest point of Taff Trail. The best views in Wales may be had right here prior to the razor-sharp decline down through Llanfrynach as well as on to your final location, Brecon.

Instead, if you should be traveling south from Brecon to Cardiff Bay the next 10km stretch will challenge the absolute most experienced adventurers with all the high incline as much as Talybont Reservoir. After that almost all the Taff Trail descends gently and it's alson't a shock to understand that most people make their particular way up to Brecon by various other means before cycling back south.

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