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November 23, 2021
Cardiff Tourist Information

Tourist Ideas Centre, Hayes, CardiffIt's an attractive time of year to-be located in Cardiff – bright times with which to enjoy our parks, a summer of great occasions planning to unfold, and a selection of tempting road food pop-ups to derail numerous a pre-holiday diet.

Us Cardiffians tend to be rightly pleased with our town. There’s much to have and luxuriate in for residents and visitors alike. Which is why the current closure by Cardiff council as a result of spending plan cuts of Tourism Information Centre (TIC) is apparently a backward step.

After all, exactly what money city does not have a visitor centre with its center? What message does it send?

'The absence of the tiny "i"... Why?'

Making the area user-friendly for tourists is a fundamental necessity – we have to do the small things appropriate.

Plus it’s not merely about becoming great for the sake of it; tourism brings £6bn into Wales yearly.

The abrupt absence in Cardiff town centre regarding the small “i” features caused a lot of us to ask a big “why”. I’ve received numerous remarks about any of it from clients via mail and from other individuals on Twitter.

Found in the Hayes’ stunning Old Library, which it distributed to The Cardiff tale museum, Cardiff TIC featured a large gift shop.

Tourist Information Centre, Hayes, Cardiff

It stocked I really loves The ‘Diff services and products, so you might state that these types of a response from myself is natural.

But because of this I'd cause to visit it often. In doing so, I saw the employees doing his thing, usually talking in a tourist’s mama tongue, providing advice to assist them to get the maximum benefit from their visit to Wales.

The Old Library, CardiffIf it's already been said elsewhere after that great, if not, at the least it is being stated now: Cardiff had been better off with a visitor center around.

Did folks understand for the imminent closure?

Gareth Clarke and team whom went it were exemplary, so congratulations to all included. Many took voluntary redundancy, which includes saved money, however it’s a shame once the council manages to lose good people.

Unlike the threatened closure regarding the libraries, which saw extensive protests induce a council U-turn, the visitor centre’s closing, albeit an inferior concern with less affect people’s lives and communities, raised little concern.

Certain, when compared with frontline solutions for vulnerable residents, couple of would argue it’s important, and we also all understand drastic cuts are required, but performed folks even comprehend of this imminent closing?

The council’s suggested slices listed in the assessment documents were much more opaque than transparent: no definitive slice or closing had been outlined. We seemed – i really couldn’t notice it. There was clearly small that was concrete in the assessment papers for folks to just take issue with. The ultimate fateful choice ended up beingn’t made ‘til February or March, by it was too-late.

Today there’s no point crying over spilt alcohol, as a sensible man when you look at the City Arms when explained. What’s done is completed. And there’s always a silver lining. Occasionally you need to look hard for it, mind you...

There’s however a council-run TIC and gift shop in Cardiff Bay, in Millennium Centre – and there’s a phone in the Old Library that tourists can use to talk with staff down here. Additionally, the council pointed out possibly siting a visitor center inside new development beyond your section one day.

A certain gold lining

As for the Old Library, it's all been quite hush-hush nevertheless Welsh Government is opening a flagship Welsh language hub within splendorous building. Convenient the TIC should shut simply ahead of this, maybe, therefore’s undoubtedly a shame that Cardiff tale won’t be permitted to expand to higher tell the story of Cardiff’s past, however it’s a welcome social development all the same.

The Old Library, Cardiff

Okay, this can be absolutely a silver lining: among the list of personal sector there’s been a pro-active reaction to assist fill any possible “welcome vacuum”.

Paul at See Wales Tours, which includes suffered a 15per cent fall in turnover because of the TIC’s closure, offers led trips to Cardiff’s hotel staff.

The Cardiff Hoteliers’ Association has embraced Paul’s indisputable fact that allows resort staff become much more informative to out-of-town visitors, and so far 35 staff took the trip. Meanwhile, Cardiff Castle in addition to waterbus have actually supported the initiative with no-cost accessibility and travel respectively. Oh and Fabulous Welsh Cakes in Bay offered everybody else no-cost Welsh desserts, which was a great touch.

Many of us in Cardiff tend to be enthusiastic about Cardiff. One chap I’ve been talking to recently is Tony Lloyd, who has spoken on Radio Wales about his new concept for ‘Difflomats – volunteer guides and tourist-helpers.

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