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May 15, 2016
Annual Report 2014/15

Laying fundamentals for much better futureNine students from Neath Port Talbot College learning the particular level 1 Diploma in Brickwork recently undertook numerous ‘Life Skills’ workshops included in an initiative led by jobs Wales designed to cause them to become pursue further training, instruction or employment on successful conclusion of these course.

The ASKE task (personality, Skills and Knowledge for Employment) may be the first of its sort in Wales and was delivered by Careers Wales College based jobs Advisers Debbie James-Haley and Michele David. It aimed to present the students that many vulnerable to unemployment later on utilizing the self-confidence and invaluable key skills necessary to secure full-time work, instruction or even continue in knowledge.

Run-over half a year, the programme included hands-on and interactive workshops such as cash management, self-confidence building, showing yourself, setting goals, CV writing, behaviour at the office, also enhancing fundamental skills like English, Mathematics and ICT, which employers additionally highlight as being essential in the office.

The students will now obtain guidance and encouragement on deciding on their choices for the long term with continual assistance from both Neath Port Talbot College and Careers Wales staff. The best goal had been for students to stay in experience of jobs Wales, improving their particular chances of finding work, education or maybe more education if they had completed their particular program.

In today's economic climate it is very common for college and university leavers having difficulty finding work and Careers Wales offers support and training to teenagers before they face these barriers. Protection is really ideal method and Careers Wales is designed to provide pupils using skills they need to go into the world of work by the time they leave education.

Ray Collier, local Director of jobs Wales said: “Being NEET (maybe not in Education, Employment or education) can seriously harm a person’s self-confidence and lasting leads. The goal of the ASKE task should engage students, increase attendance, enhance employability abilities and boost achievement. Stepping in to offer some additional encouragement to those students susceptible to becoming NEET is a preventative measure, which not only helps the individual involved but additionally features lasting economic and social advantages for the nation as a whole.”

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Cardiff to Pembroke Dock via Port Talbot and Carmarthen
Cardiff to Pembroke Dock via Port Talbot and Carmarthen
[GB] M4, Cardiff (J29) to Port Talbot (J38)
[GB] M4, Cardiff (J29) to Port Talbot (J38)
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